open show 31st March 2024


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OPEN SHOW -31st March 2024


JUDGE Angela Peddar click for critique


photos thanks to Hayley Howatt(except classes 6,12 &24)

Best in Show Line up



BVIS Briggsview Opalesque VW

BIS Ch.Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee

RBIS & BOS Lorrainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

BPIS Mohnesee Meliya

BBPIS Alnmac We will Rock You



Dog Line up



BD Lorrainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

RBD Shelridge Sirius

BPD Sheltysham Danseur

BVD Kyleburn Everlasting Dream



Bitch Line up



BVB Briggsview Opalesque

BB Ch. Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee

RBB & BPB Mohnesee's Meliya





Dogs Bitches

Class 1 Veteran - 3

1. Kyleburn Everlasting Dream

2. Sheltysham Burnished Gold

3. Sheltysham Nutbox in Alnmac



Class 14 Veteran - 6

1. Briddsview Opaleque VW
2. Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley
3. Sheltysham Bedazzled at Franmead

4.Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey

5. Sendora On the Road
Class 2 Minor Puppy - 1

1.Myter Black Tarquin at Stormhead


Class 15 Minor Puppy - 4, 2a

1.Mohesee Lullaby Ice
2. Grandgenes Look at me at Tooralie


Class 3 Puppy -6, 1a

1. sheltysham Danseur TAF
2.Ferngroves Skywalker

3.Fenstyle Fire Wizard

4.Sabena Mayandi

5.Wavesong Born to be Noisy


Class 16 Puppy -7, 2a

1 Mohnesee's Meliya JW
2. Sabema Mayfly at Ferngrove

3. Grandgenes Look at Me at Tooralie

4.Wavesong Born to be Wild

5. be my Love Neskiria

Class4 Junior - 8, 1a

1.Oakcroft the Mandalorian
2.Sheltysham Danseur TAF

3.Stanydale Ocean Wave

4.Felthorn Poseidon

5. sabena Mayandi



Class 17 Junior -8, 4a

1. Evad Halloween Spice

2.Chalmoor Dancing in the Dark

3. Felthorn Material Girl

4. Felthorn Girl Friday

Class 5 Novice - 3

1.Oakcroft the Mandalorian
2.Brown Sugar of Silverlight (Imp Rom)

3.Wavesong Born to be Noisy

Class 18 Novice - 6,2a

1.Alnmac Busy Being Fabulous
2.Sabema Mayfly at Ferngrove

3. Felthorn Material Girl

4. Torinska Ribbon in the Sky


Class 6 Undergraduate - 4, 1a

1.Felthorn Christmas Gift

2.Milesend Silver Thorn

3. Borderpride Viva Las Vegas at Lodurr

Class 19 Undergraduate - 3

1.Sheltysham idyll
2. Valdosta Gadriel at Faemadra

3. Torinska Ribbon in the Sky

Class7 Post Graduate - 6, 1a

1. Shougies Secret Agent for Fernhill
2. Shelridge Santino
3.Wavesong Chasing Rainbows
4.Hillhenry in your honour

5. Mosardi Don;t Stop


Class 20 Post Graduate - 2,1a

1. Mosardi Forget me not

Class 8 Limit - 5, 1a

1. Blenmerrow Mazurka

2. Kyleburn Hidden Dream

3. Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

4.Sabema Pina Coloda

Class 21 Limit - 41a


1. Oakcroft Aurora Dream at Donbeley

2. Anchor's Surprise Blackberry way for Torinska

3. Tachnamadra Button Moon for Fernfrey

Class 9 Open - 4


1. Lorainian Kings Ransom at Lindfern

2. Alnmac Midnight Flyer

3.Carolelen Composer at Faemadra

4. Mohnesee Dream Date of Lizmark

Class 22 Open -3,

1.Ch Mohnesee Enchanted

2. Carolelen Call my Bluff at Faemadra

3.Kyleburn Sibylla at shelridge


Class 10 Special Open (Sable/White) -5, 1a

1. Shelridge Sirius

2.Blenmerrow Mazurka

3.Valdosta Gracelands JW

4.Kyleburn Mithras


Class 23 Special Open (Sable/White) - 2, 1a


1. Valdosta Goddess

Class 11 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) - 3

1. Kyleburn Romulus

2.Shelridge Quizmaster at Chelmermead

3. Borderpride Viva LasVegas at Lodurr

Class 24 Special Open (Tricolour B/W) - 4,1a

1. Naraklee Naomi at Stanydale

2. Tachnamadra Button Moon at Fernfrey

3. Sheltysham Bedazzled at Franmead


Class 12 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 3


1. Felthorn Christmas Gift

2. Shelridge Toastmaster at Chelmermead

3.Kelgrove Midsummer Blue at Stormhead

Class 25 Special Open (Blue Merle) - 3,1a

1. Ch. Lizmark Lullaby Moon over Mohnesee JW

2.Felthorn Material Girl


Class 13 (Baby Puppy - Dog & Bitch) - 1

1. Alnmac We will Rock You




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