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Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club
Single Breed Open Show

I would like to extend my thanks to the committee of Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club for inviting me to judge at this relaxed and well organised show, creating a super atmosphere for all involved. Thank you for such welcoming hospitality, lovely lunch and refreshments and to my two efficient stewards. I extend my grateful thanks most of all to all the exhibitors for such a numerically strong, quality entry and for accepting my decisions with such good grace. I enjoyed my day immensely meeting each and every one of your lovely Shelties.


Shetland Sheepdogs

Veteran Dog (3, 0 abs)
1st: Pattinson’s Kyleburn Everlasting Dream. Creating a pleasing outline on the stand, this 10 yr old lad is clearly not ready to bow to his veteran status any time soon. Scores in head properties with correct planes, correctly shaped eye, good ear set and well-rounded muzzle. Nice arch of neck leading into clean shoulders. Good spring of rib, level back line and well defined muscular hindquarters. Moved out with a steady gait. BVD
2nd: Forster-Cooper’s Sheltysham Burnished Gold. 9 yrs young and close up to winner with masculine head properties, well filled muzzle, correct dentition and flat skull. Would just prefer a slightly more almond eye. Soundly put together all through and moved well.
3rd: Robinson’s Sheltysham Nut Box In Alnmac

Minor Puppy Dog (1, 0 abs)
1st: Rutterford’s Myter Black Tarquin At Stormhead. Delightful baby of just 6 mths holding lots of future promise and doing everything asked of him here today. Balanced overall proportions with head properties developing along the right lines with good eye shape and correct ear set. Straight front and nice arch of neck fitting into a good lay of shoulder. Chest still needs to drop a little. Sound rear assembly with good tail set. Moved out convincingly, displaying plenty of reach. Still a little loose behind as expected at present, but this will strengthen with maturity. Sympathetically handled to get the best out of him. Lovely baby giving much away in maturity in the challenge for BPD.

Puppy Dog (6, 1 abs)
1st: Forster-Cooper’s Sheltysham Danseur TAF. 10 mth old composed puppy dog of quality. Beautiful head properties of correct planes and proportions. Flat skull, well rounded muzzle and ideal eye shape and ear placement all contributing to a captivating expression. Super arch of neck and well put together fore and aft with broad muscular thighs and strong, straight hocks. Moved out with a convincing easy action, which belied his tender age. BPD & BOSPIS. Will follow this lovely youngster’s progress with interest
2nd: Norris’ Ferngroves Skywalker. 9 mth boy of super size and shape. Masculine head properties of good proportions, flat skull and good ear placement. Dark eye but could be a slightly better shape. Nicely putt together in all departments allowing him to move out effortlessly with a smooth, supple action 
3rd: Keighley’s Fenstyle Fire Wizard

Junior Dog (8, 1 abs)
1st: Winfield’s Oakcroft The Mandaloniian. 15 mth quality youngster of good size and of balanced proportions. Strong, masculine head but without coarseness and in proportion to body. Engaging expression coming from correct eye shape, set and colour and excellent ear placement. Tight lips and good pigment. Strong bone and soundly constructed all through. Confident mover on correct oval, well padded feet. Well presented and handled to advantage. Strong contender in the challenge.
2nd: Sheltysham Danseur TAF. As Puppy Dog class
3rd: Hoare’s Stanydale Ocean Wave

Novice Dog (3, 0 abs)
1st: Winfield’s Oakcroft The Mandalonian. As Junior Dog class
2nd: Hodgson’s Brown Sugar Of Silverlight. Unplaced in previous class. Nice overall size but not as balanced in outline as 1. Masculine head properties with good eye but would just prefer a more typical ear placement. Good straight front, adequate spring of rib with deep chest with good bone and well muscled throughout. Moved out with a steady action once settled into his stride. Could have a tad more front reach. Well presented.
3rd: Fillery’s Wavesong Born To Be Noisy

Undergraduate Dog (4, 1 abs)
1st: Rhodes’ Felthorn Christmas Gift. Built on slightly smaller, finer lines but all in proportion. Correct head properties with kind eye and flat skull atop a neck, which could be slightly more arched for greater balance. Adequate shoulder, good spring of rib and well muscled hindquarters. Best mover in this class, gaiting with a more typical action.
2nd: Dimmock’s Milesend Silver Thorn. Well up to size, but of good ratios with masculine head of equal proportions and good ear placement. Another who could have a better neck, but held a strong top line and was presented in hard, fit condition with well defined musculature throughout. Profuse coat of correct texture. Preferred this boy’s more typical head pattern over 3.
3rd: Durrant’s Borderpride Viva Las Vegas At Lodurr

Post Graduate Dog (6, 1 abs)
Strong class of quality males presented here.
1st: Dimmock’s Shougies Secret Agent For Fernhill.  Heading this strong class and presenting a typical balanced outline on the stand, this rich tricolour scores in many departments with his refined head properties of correct planes, super eye and ear placement and dark pigment, giving rise to such an appealing expression. Superb arch of neck leading to clean, well placed shoulders and straight front. Good top line with nice sweep over loin and strong well let down hocks and well padded feet all under a well prepared, correctly textured jacket. Moved out with a typical action displaying plenty of reach and drive looking as he could go all day. Another strong contender in the challenge
2nd: Aaron’s Shelridge Santino. So close up and sharing many of the winners attributes. Another with super head properties all contributing to such an engaging expression. Correct front and rear assembly with good shoulder placement, deep chest, excellent body proportions, strong, supple hocks and good tail set. Moved out with style, pushing the winner all the way. Interesting to learn 1 & 2 share the same sire.
3rd: Fillery-Hammond’s Wavesong’s Chasing Rainbows

Limit Dog (5, 1 abs)
1st: Goldie’s Blenmerrow Mazurka. Quality sable of excellent proportions. Masculine head properties with flat skull, dark almond eye and good ear set. Another sporting the desired well arched, muscular neck leading into good lay of shoulder. Correctly angled forequarters with matching rear assembly, well bent stifles and correct feet. Good tail set.
2nd: Pattinson’s Kyleburn Hidden Dream. Plainer dog but not detracting from his many qualities. Correct head pattern in proportion to body atop good length of neck. Soundly constructed throughout with good bone and presented in fit, muscular condition. Moved on supple, easy strides but just preferred the slightly reachier front action of the winner here today.
3rd: Taylor & Yuille’s Shelridge Toastmaster At Chelmermead

Open Dog (4, 0 abs)
1st: Simmons’ Lorainian Kings Ransom At Lindfern. Commanding attention and refusing to be ignored here today, this beautifully presented sable and white boy of 5 years created a balanced outline on the stand holding a rock solid top line. Masculine all through with strong but refined head properties with flat skull, dark eyes and well placed ears. Super arch of neck leading to a good lay of shoulder with correct front angles, straight forelegs and well boned all through. Deep chest, strong back line and gently sloping croup. Matching rear assembly, all under an expertly prepared jacket. Moved out with a no nonsense easy action which won him the class with ease. Unobtrusively handled to allow him to showcase his attributes by himself. BD & RBIS
2nd: Robinson’s Alnmac Midnight Flyer. Another sporting well balanced proportions and with lots to like. Masculine head pattern with good ear set and excellent pigment. Lovely dark eye but would perhaps like a tad better shape - an engaging expression nevertheless. Good length of neck, clean shoulders and balanced body proportions, Well angled quarters and strong hocks. Well presented and handled.
3rd: Cheal’s Carolelen Composer At Faemadra

Special Open Dog (Sable & White) (5, 1 abs)
Super Class!
1st: Aaron’s Shelridge Sirius. Loved the size, shape and make of this rich sable 4 yr old. Oozing quality and sporting such an appealing masculine head of correct proportions and planes. Excellent eye shape and colour and ideal ear placement with strong pigment, tight lips and well rounded muzzle all contributing to the best of expressions. Lovely sweep of neck, correct angulation fore and aft with well let down hocks and good tail set are among his many attributes providing him with all he needs to move out with a fluid, easy action. Continued to hold my attention in the challenge where he stepped up a notch to clinch RBD. Would love to meet his sire as I see this is another sharing the same dad as my PG class winners.
2nd: Blenmerrow Mazurka. As Limit Dog Class. So unlucky to meet 1 in such great form in this class.
3rd: Mitchell’s Valdosta Gracelands JW


Special Open Dog (Tricolour, Black & White) (3, 0 abs)
1st: Pattinson’s Kyleburn’s Romulus. Displaying that typical alert and gentle character and fully focused on his handler, this boy impressed with his typical head properties, soft expression and lovely neck. Soundly put together in all departments with straight front, matching angles and strong, straight hocks. Not using his construction to advantage here today however as his front extension could have been better, but his other qualities secured his place here today.
2nd: Taylor & Yuille’s Selridge Quizmaster At Chelmermead. Built on slightly smaller lines but all in proportion. Plenty to like about this junior who still has some maturing to do in some departments. Another not taking advantage of his attributes here today being a little untidy on the move. Just needs time as I feel there is more to come from this boy. Close up to the winner, but just preferred the slightly more typical head properties of 1.
3rd: Borderpride Viiva Las Vegas At Lodurr

Special Open Dog (Blue Merle) (3, 0 abs)
1st: Felthorn Christmas Gift. As Undergraduate Dog class
2nd: Shelridge Toastmaster At Chelmermead. Liked the balanced proportions on this dog. Nice head of good proportions and planes. Would prefer a better arch of neck, but well held backline and well muscled hindquarters. Tail well set and carried. Sound mover.
3rd: Rutterford’s Kelgrove Midsummer Blue At Stormhead

Baby Puppy Dog or Bitch (1, 0 abs)
1st: Robinson’s Alnmac We Will Rock You. Full of promise and so well schooled for age. Stood firm on the table for assessment and accepted gentle examination. Everything in the right place on this 4 mth old baby who did everything asked of him with a calm and composed attitude. So sound on the move gaiting with a positive, convincing action showing one or two of the older competitors how it’s done. Another whose progress I will watch with interest. BBPIS

Veteran Bitch (6, 0 abs)
Interesting but difficult class. My top three could easily change places on another day.
1st: Hoare’s Briggsview Opalesque VW. I can understand how this one could easily be overlooked as indeed I almost did with her profuse coat distracting from her outline and giving the illusion of heaviness. However, under that abundance of coat, I found a more realistic frame along with some very typical attributes. She has a feminine head with a flat skull atop a neck, which is longer and more arched than her thick coat would suggest on initial assessment. She has a good layback of shoulder and sports matching front and rear angles with straight, strong forelegs and hocks which allow her to move out with a no-nonsense typical action with plenty of extension and minimum leg lift. She had a perfectly straight action going out and back and in profile, moved on long, reachy strides. Yes, I accept her coat is not ideal, however I felt I couldn’t deny her other assets today and, using what she has to the max, she was the best mover in this class. BV.
2nd: Kennedy’s Lirren Blue Gamble At Donbeley. Another great mover and pushing the winner hard. At 11 yrs young, this lady is clearly not willing to acknowledge her veteran status any time soon. So much to like and another soundly constructed throughout providing her too with all she needs to execute that desired smooth, supple and effortless movement. Just slightly preferred the beguiling expression of the winner.
3rd: Fransham’s Sheltysham Bedazzle At Franmead JW


Minor Puppy Bitch (4, 2 abs)
Two lovely babies with little to split them at this stage in their development.
1st: Hateley’s Mohnesee Lullaby Ice. Composed puppy bitch of just 6 months. Liked her overall balance, size and shape. Appealing head pattern with oblique eye set, correct ear placement and well put together throughout with good tail set and carriage. Moved out confidently with plenty of reach and drive belying her tender age.
2nd: Jackson’s Grandgene’s Look At Me At Tooraiie. Another lovely puppy. This young lady has a super feminine head with bright, alert expression coming from combined, correct head properties. Soundly constructed in all departments and matching 1 on the move. Just came down to the slightly more balanced overall proportions of the winner at this stage in their development. Two very promising puppies.

Puppy Bitch (4, 1 abs)
1st: Hateley’s Mohnesee’s Meliya JW. Oozing character and intelligently responding to her owner/handler at every turn, this quality, beautifully balanced 10 mth old immediately took my attention. Creating such a classic outline of excellent proportions and ultra feminine all through. Pretty wedge-shaped head of correct planes and proportions with dark, almond eyes and ideal ear placement. Well constructed throughout with well-arched neck, level backline and adequate sweep over the loin. Matching angles fore and aft with strong, pushy hocks and neat feet, allowing her to move out with an enthusiastic yet smooth and easy action, which took her all the way to clinch several of the top honours. BPB, RBB & BPIS. Immaculately presented and unobtrusively handled, she never put a paw wrong here today. If this young lady sustains this sparkling form, a bright future lies ahead of her for sure. 
2nd: Norris’ Sabema Mayfly At Ferngrove. So unlucky to meet 1 in such form here today.  Attractive puppy of 10 mths with so much to like. Appealing, feminine head properties, good eye colour and pigment.  She has everything in the right place and developing along encouraging lines. Correct arch of neck leading to a good layback of shoulder, straight front, nice bone and matching rear assembly. Not quite as together as 1 on the move today but close up.
3rd: Grandgenes Look At Me At Tooralie

Junior Bitch (8, 4 abs)
1st: Weller’s Evad Halloween Spice. Loved this typey youngster’s overall size and proportions. Pretty, refined head properties of good shape and planes combining to present the desired expression complimented by good eye and ear set. Soundly put together in all departments and moved out as her construction suggested she would to win the class. 
2nd: Ambler’s Chalmoor Dancing In The Dark. This girl is top size which for me, detracts from her overall femininity. That said, she does present proportionate ratios and certainly some favourable redeeming features to include a correct wedge shaped head, nice arch of neck and adequate shoulder placement. Well muscled throughout and moved well. Just preferred the overall size and balance of the winner.
3rd: Fylyema’s Felthorn Material Girl

Novice Bitch (6, 2 abbs)
1st: Robinson’s Alnmac Busy Being Fabulous. This young lady of almost 2 yrs was also busy being focused on the job in hand. Super attentive and putting in a convincing performance, my notes say “made me smile”. She has such a sweet, attentive enquiring expression coming from her correct head properties. Eye could perhaps be a tad more oblique, but this did not detract from her appeal. Nothing exaggerated or overdone about this girl. Refined all through but with enough bone and substance. So sound to go over with well angled shoulder joint, correct sweep over the loin and matching rear assembly, straight, firm hocks and neat feet all under a rich tricolour correctly textured jacket. Excellent presentation and handled to advantage.
2nd: Sabema Mayfly At Ferngrove. As Puppy Bitch class
3rd: Felthorn Material Girl

Undergraduate Bitch (3, 0 abs)
1st: Forster-Cooper’s Shetysham Idyll. Feminine 3 yr old, full of type with lovely head and ideal ear placement. Good lay of shoulder with nicely angled front angulation. Deep chest and level back line. Well muscled hindquarters but could perhaps have a slightly better bend of stifle for greater balance. Good tail set. Excellent coat. Moved well in front. Good presentation.
2nd: Cheal’s Valdosta Galadriel At Faemadra JW. Close up to 1 as she matched some of her conformational attributes, but not using her construction quite as effectively. She has a pretty head and nice sweep of neck. Shoulder placement could be a tad better placed which affected her front movement as she had a tendency to cross on this surface on her return to the table. Super temperament evident being alert and responsive. In good coat of correct texture.
3rd: Taylor’s Torinska Ribbon In The Sky

Post Graduate Bitch (2, 1 abs)
1st: Revill’s Mosardi Forget Me Not. Stood alone here, but this pretty blue merle was a worthy winner. Particularly liked her overall balanced proportions. Super feminine head properties with kind eye and excellent ear placement. Good straight front, correct spring of rib and matching front and rear angles were among her attributes and it was no surprise to watch her navigating the mats with a smooth and supple gait. Excellent amount of correctly textured coat. Well presented and handled.

Limit Bitch (4, 1 abs)
1st: Kennedy’s Oakcroft Aurora Dream At Donbeley. Typey 6 yr old sable sports a typical head pattern of equal planes which she carried proudly. Engaging, alert expression from correctly place eyes and ears. Super length and arch of neck leading to good lay of shoulder and straight forehand with strong bone. Well-held back line with gradual slope of croup over well let down straight hocks. Moved true out and back with plenty of reach and drive in evidence. Very honest Sheltie. 
2nd: Riding’s Alchor’s Surprise Blackberry Way For Torinska (imp Che). This 6 yr old too had plenty to like but not quite matching the movement of 1 as she was a little unsettled and never quite got into her stride in this class. Plenty to like on going over her with nice proportions strongly held top line with the required sweep over the loin. Well presented
3rd:Saunders’ Tachnamadra Button Moon At Fernfrey

Open Bitch (3, 0 abs)
1st: Hateley’s Ch. Mohnesee Enchanted. I was enchanted indeed with this beautiful sable creating such an impressive picture from all angles and presented in sparkling coat and condition. Striking head of correct parallel planes carried so proudly with super eye colour and shape and perfectly placed ears all combining to present an exquisite expression. Sound construction throughout with well-arched neck leading to clean shoulders, straight front and well angulated fore and aft. Well muscled throughout and presented in the hard, fit condition I always appreciate. Moved out with style on well-padded feet and with good tail carriage. Such a strong contender in the challenge for one of the top spots but, in the final challenge - perhaps with a change of handlers, she just lost her concentration and focus on the move slightly and had to bow to her younger, foot perfect kennel mate. A well deserved champion. Loved her.
2nd: Cheal’s Carolelen Call My Bluff At Faemadra. This lady held her own in such strong company. Another proudly sporting a feminine head of correct proportions, the finer points of which I preferred over 3. Very feminine all through with sound front and rear assembly. Strongly built without coarseness, she moved out with a positive easy stride on well padded feet.
3rd: Colman-Smith’s Kyleburn Sibylla At Shelridge

Special Open Bitch (Sable & White) (2, 1 abs)
1st: Mitchell’s Valdosa Goddess JW. Beautifully headed bitch of quality creating an appealing outline on the stand. So much to like with super straight front, level back, ideal sweep over the loin and correct angulation for and aft being amongst her many qualities. Loved her well let down hocks and neat, oval feet. Good set and carriage of tail. Nicely presented.

Special Open Bitch (Tricolour, Black & White) (4, 1 abs)
1st: Withers’ Neraklee Naomi At Stanydale.  No mistaking the gender of this classy, ultra feminine, well proportioned, lady of 6 years. Such a pretty head with excellent eye shape and colour and dark pigment. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulders and correct front assembly an matching rear angles. So sound on the move which won her this class with ease.  
2nd: Saunders’ Tachnamadra Button Moon At Fernfrey. This girl of almost 3 yrs and with much to like stepped up a notch in this class to demonstrate what she wanted to show me in the Limit Bitch class. Much more settled on the move here, she did enough to secure her place over a lovely veteran whose enthusiasm appeared to fade slightly when asked to move again.
3rd: Sheltysham Bedazzle At Franmead JW

Special Open Bitch (Blue Merle) (3, 1 abs)
1st: Hateley’s Ch. Lizmark Lullaby Moon Over Mohnesee JW. Yet another from the top drawer from this kennel. Full of class and so perfectly balanced, I was drawn to this typey 3 yr old from the off set. Her shape, make and proportions are for me, spot on and I loved everything about her from the tip of her well rounded muzzle to her well set and carried tail. Totally correct and well constructed all through with nothing exaggerated or overdone providing her with everything she needs to move out with such a smooth, easy, graceful action without any fuss or drama. Presented immaculately and in such fit condition, I found it hard to believe from my catalogue that she is the dam of the minor puppy winner. I could not take my eyes off her in the challenge and simply could not get past her for BB and eventual Best In Show.
2nd: Felthorn Material Girl. Placed 3rd in her Junior and Novice classes, I feel this youngster still has a little more maturity to do. Still developing in head, her foreface needs to fill out a little more. Nice eye but would prefer slightly smaller ears. Her conformation in other departments was sound enough and she moved out well with plenty of reach and drive in evidence.


Angela Pedder (Judge)

















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