Judges Critiques




Thank you to the exhibitors for your beautifully presented dogs, the committee for asking me to judge, my hardworking stewards and your hospitality.
Veteran (9, 2abs)
1st          Diment & Williams’ CH PEERIEGLEN PICKWICK ShCM
Blue merle 13.5 years old; balanced and symmetrical throughout.  Correct outline, good reach of neck, level topline, sweep over the loins, depth of chest, bend of stifle, straight (viewed from behind) and well let down hocks. Front of correct bone, just showing his age in the pasterns; correct head pattern, refined wedge, correct underjaw, good muzzle, flat cheeks; correctly placed, slight stop, flat skull, correctly placed and used ears, all creating a sweet expression.  Lovely blue merle with excellent coat.
2nd         Pattinson’s KYLEBURN ACIS
Sable and white, 10 years old, with pleasing outlook. flat skull, well rounded muzzle, correct eye placement.  Correctly proportioned body with level topline and good hind quarters with excellent bend of stifle and clean hocks; moved with purpose.
Sable and white dog of nearly 10 years of age.   Pleasing topline, bend of stifle and hocks, good bone.  Showed well.
Minor Puppy (3,0)
1st          Walker’s TOORALIE’S OCHO RIOS
Striking shaded sable and white, 7 months, with well balanced, correct wedge head, correctly placed stop, flat skull, correctly shaped muzzle, correct underjaw and cheeks. Ears correctly placed, sized and used.  Dark eyes, correctly placed. Head carried proudly, but he needs more forequarter angulation, good depth of chest, level topline, good bend of stifle, sweep over the loins and excellent hocks.  Lovely on the move.
Sable and white, 7 months, with lovely body shape and moved extremely well
3rd          Rennison’s ZANIAHS CAUSING A STORM
Black and white, 7 months old; pleasing topline and ribcage, not such good angulation in front, good drive from behind.  Handled and showed well.


Puppy (4,0)
1st          Goodwin’s HIGHBROOK HOBNOB
Attractive red sable and white dog, 10 months, with good balance throughout, correct head pattern, good underjaw, well rounded muzzle, flat cheeks and skull, correct ear placement and use which enhanced his expression, correctly placed dark eye. Straight forelegs of well-rounded bone, good depth of chest, level topline, good bend of stifle. Correct double textured coat.  Moved very well.  Best Puppy Dog and BPIS.
2nd         French’s LINDFERN SLIGHT SABRE
Elegant golden sable and white of 11 months; good reach of neck, level topline and sweep over the loins, good bend of stifle and excellent hocks.  Well balanced head, excellent muzzle, eye and ear set.  Perfectly presented and covered the ground well.
Alert and sweet golden sable and white, 10 months.  With really pleasing head pattern, correct muzzle, flat cheeks, sweet dark eye correctly placed.  Good ear set, size and use.  Well rounded bone, flexible pasterns, excellent topline and body length.
Junior (7,0)
1st           Goodwin’s HIGHBROOK HOBNOB
Really striking Blue merle; classic outline, lovely reach of neck, level topline, good sweep over the loins, lovely bone for his size; refined wedge head with correct muzzle and skull, parallel and flat, correctly placed stop, good underjaw.  Beautifully presented and shown, moved well.
3rd          Lee’s WILLOWTHORN’S TRUSHKA
Tricolour, a dog of character, correct head well rounded muzzle, good foreface, flat skull, correctly placed and used ears, correct body proportions, moved extremely well. 
Yearling (5,1)
3rd          Robinson’s ALNMAC MIDNIGHT FLYER
Tricolour, of good colour, with good reach of neck and level topline.  Balanced, clean head. Covers the ground well.

Novice (1,0)


Graduate (5,1)
1st          Bennett’s MARSULA MY SUNSHINE
Masculine shaded sable and white, correctly proportioned; good reach of neck, level topline and sweep over the loins, good bend of stifle, correct hocks, adequate forequarter conformation.  Flat skull, correct muzzle, good underjaw, flat cheeks, moved extremely well.
2nd         Durrant’s SHOUGIES WINTER WIZARD
3rd          Pattison’s KYLBURN MITHRAS
Shaded sable and white, correct body shape, lovely muzzle, moved well
Post Graduate (8,3)
1st          Robinson’s SHELTYSHAM NUT BOX IN ALNMAC
Shaded sable and white, with correct coat, Well balanced, pleasing head in all aspects.  Dark eyes, obliquely set, almond shaped; correct ears.  Good reach of neck, depth of chest, good bend of stifle, lovely hocks, good tail length.  Covered the ground well.           
Striking blue merle up to size, good bone, good reach of neck, level topline, sweep over loins, and bend of stifle.  Genuinely sweet dog who moved nicely.
3rd          Pattinson’s KYLEBURN EVERLASTING DREAM
Golden sable and white good reach of neck, level topline and bend of stifle, moved and showed well.
Limit (8, 1)
Golden sable and white, with symmetrical outline, well balanced throughout.  Pleasing head pattern, good muzzle, skull, stop placement, dark eyes, obliquely set. Correct double coat, body proportions, good level topline, good bend of stifle, clean cut hocks, super on the move.
Shaded sable and white, good head pattern, lovely muzzle and underjaw, flat cheeks, good ear carriage, and eye placement; good bone, correct hindquarters. Showed well.
3rd          Stafford’s RANNERDALE THE ENTERTAINER
Open (3,0)
1st          Goodwin’s CH HIGHBROOK HOT HEIR JW
Shaded sable and white dog, double textured coat, correct outline, level topline, good sweep over the loins, adequate neck, rounded muzzle, good underjaw, dark eyes obliquely set and pleasing ear carriage; well boned for his size. Covered the ground well.

2nd         Forster-Cooper’s SHELTYSHAM BURNISHED GOLD
Dark shaded sable and white, with pleasing body balance.
3rd          Colman-Smith’s SHETLO BRING ME LOVE TO KARLAINA
Special Open Sable and White (6,1)
1st          Robinson’s CH LAVIKA LUMINARY
Golden sable and white.  Attention demanding sheltie in all aspects. Lovely, balanced outline, good reach of neck, level topline, correct depth of chest, good sweep over the loins, correct bend of stifle with well let down hocks, well boned for his size.  Sweet, correctly balanced wedge head with excellent muzzle, good underjaw, flat cheeks, pleasing eye set, shape and colour with good ears, all combining to give the required sheltie expression.  The whole picture framed by his double textured coat.  Excellent on the move. Delighted to award him Dog CC and RBIS BOS
Golden sable and white, good reach of neck. Level topline, good sweep over the loins.  Sweet dark eyes and neat ears.  Showed well.
3rd          Moore’s SHETLO POCKET RAINBEAU
Sable and white, level topline, good hind quarters, well rounded muzzle, flat cheeks, dark eye.
Special Open Tricolour, Black and White (5, 1)
Lovely jet black, super white, good tan, correctly proportioned head, good muzzle and underjaw, correct placement of eyes and ears, giving sweet expression.  Good reach of neck, level topline with forehand construction permitting correct body outline and allowing him to move well.
2nd         Stock’s CH SHEMIST BLACK WIZARD
Striking tricolour, all colours intense.  Very proud self-carriage.  Good head pattern with lovely muzzle, underjaw and eye set. Super topline, sweep over the loins, tail set, bend of stifle and well let down hocks.  Movement not as free as 1.
Balanced dog with good reach of neck, depth of chest, level topline and bend of stifle.  Bone proportionate to size.  Good muzzle, underjaw and flat cheeks.  Showed well.
 Special Open Blue Merle (2,1)
He is lovely: stylish, stunning blue merle.  Balanced, refined wedge head, well rounded muzzle and good underjaw, flat cheeks, correctly placed stop, flat skull, good eye placement, well placed and used ears, creating the sweet sheltie expression.  Correctly made, fore and hind quarters, reach of neck, level topline, good depth of chest, bend of stifle, hocks, tail set and length.  He moved, showed and was presented beautifully.  A pleasure to award him Dog RCC, Veteran Dog and BVIS.


Judge Liz Ford (Mountmoor Shetland Sheepdogs)


I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge, it was an honour to give tickets for the first time. Best in Show on the referee’s decision was Amoureye Blue Mist for Milesend. All other decisions were made in complete agreement with my co-judge. I was pleased with the overall quality of the entry, thanks for bringing your dogs to this well run show, at the lovely new venue.

VB 1st Lycett’s Ch Shebaville Saucy Secret at Illiad JW, B/M , with a pleasing shape and so feminine, correct head and showed well, very well constructed, has a good front and moved with drive from the rear, won this class on her superior movement on the day, easy to see why she is a champion.
2nd Parkes Ch. Milesend Gold Token at Eljeita JW, shaded S/W, pushed hard to win this class, has such a lovely head, beautiful eye, neat ears, showed nonstop. Well made bitch, with a good shape, was in good coat and well presented.
3rd Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen

MPB 1st James Mohnesee Mayd Marion at Valmay, S/W, Absolutely beautiful for type, with the sweetest of expressions, eye shape was perfect, parallel planes, neat ears which were used well, all combined to give a very pleasing head. Level topline, good back end, however needs to tighten in front, movement was good in profile, however coming towards could have been truer in front.
2nd Walker’s Channerswick Pennywise, good B/M colour, a little stronger in head, although has a nice eye, very well constructed with excellent front and rear, moved well, lost out on overall maturity and finish of the first, but was not easy separating these two bitches.
3rd Kennedy’s Oakcroft Aurora Dream at Donbeley

PB 1st   Stock’s Shemist Toffee Apple, S/W, very elegant and shapely bitch. Correct wedge shaped head and nice eye, lovely reach of neck, level topline and long tail, nicely constructed, she is a promising youngster, just needs to mature.
2nd Riding’s Achors Suprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp Che), Tri bitch, with a pleasing head, well enough made bitch, presented and showed very well, just preferred overall shape and construction of the bitch I placed first.
3rd Hull’s Mohnesee Queen of Diamonds of Lizmark

JB 1st Hateley’s Mohnesee Sweet Dreams, glamorous s/w extrovert, another puppy that excels for overall breed type, the most beautiful of expressions, such a sweet eye, good ear carriage and used her ears well, presented a nice shape, with level topline, however at times was stood out at elbow, front needs tighten, was good in profile, when coming towards me  the front could have been truer, won RBPIS on her breed type, however when challenging for BPIS her tail came up and she totally threw her front movement off, costing her BPIS to the superior construction of the dog.
2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale, very shapely Tri, with a jet black coat. Liked her head, dark brown almond shape eye, perhaps the stop was a little deep, but did not detract from the overall picture. This bitch showed nonstop and was put down in excellent condition by her owner, she has a good front and strong hindquarters and moved as her construction suggests, a quality youngster.
3rd Achors Suprise Blackberry Way for Torinska (Imp Che)

1st Miles Eljetia Hot Chocolate of Milesend, very promising young shaded sable bitch who caught my eye upon entering the ring. Just loved her very typical head and ultra feminine expression, alert and responsive to her owner,  very well put together, with level topline, moved with real drive and purpose, if she had a bit more finishing would have considered for the RCC.
2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale
3rd Whittington Esterborn Three Kisses for Tighness JW

1st James Mohnesee Mayd Marion at Valmay
2nd Forster Parish’s Lowick Mistletoe, promising young b/m bitch, just a little unsettled on the day, good colour, nice head and expression and well put together, once settled moved well, showing off her virtues.
3rd Robinson’s Lavika Spring Queen

1st  Fransham’s Shelcrest Starling, pretty sable bitch, nice size and shape, well enough constructed and was sound, she showed and used her ears well
2nd Bussey’s Kelgrove Kinda Black Magic at Hamblerose, correct size, jet black tri, showed and handled well, nicely made, good length of tail.

PGB Biggest class of the day, with a lot of variety in type.
1st Stafford’s Rannerdale Lady Prunella, Very sweet and feminine sable bitch, who just oozed breed type, presented and showed to absolute perfection, absolutely spot on for size, loved her eye, neat ears which she used nonstop, well constructed, with good front and moved well, just asked for this class.
2nd Hateley’s Mohnesee Petticoat Lace JW, extrovert showgirl, pushed hard for this class, such a sweet head and expression, well placed eye, good ears which were used well, level topline, good back end, just loved her breed type, but front movement and construction could be better
3rd Stock’s Shemist Fairy Mist


1st Robinson’s Lavika Lucky Star JW, such a beautiful shape to this shaded sable bitch, liked her head, correct eye and stop, however could do with stronger underjaw, well constructed bitch, level topline, good back end, covered the ground well, presented to absolute perfection.
2nd Lycett’s Herds Hallicia at Iliad, well presented s/w, liked her head and expression, well constructed, moved well, handled and presented to perfection
3rd Dunn’s Neraklee Chardonnay at Shelleary

1st Miles Amoureye Blue Mist of Milesend, this b/m caught my eyes upon entering the ring with her stylish movement, she had a very pleasing head to go over, with a nice eye and good ears, correct stop, all combining to give the desired expression. Excellent front, correct body to length proportions, strong hindquarters, giving her that typical sheltie movement where she covered maximum ground with the minimum effort, such a correct dog to go over, handled and presented to perfection. I was absolutely delighted to be informed that this made her up (subject to kc confirmation). The icing on the cake was the referee awarding her BIS.
2nd Stafford’s Ch. Rannerdale Queen of the North JW, another quality bitch, this young s/w bitch demands to be looked at, correct shape of head, good stop and used her ears so well for her handler, good front and strong back end, moved well, unlucky to meet the dog I placed first, easy to see why she is a champion.
3rd Deveson’s Janetstown Je Suis JW ShCm

Special Open Bitch (Sable & White)
1st Robinson’s Ch. Lavika Good Luck JW, liked this s/w bitch a lot, easy to see why she is a champion, had the sweetest of heads, loved her eye shape and placement, correct eye, lacks a little underjaw, but did not overly detract from what is otherwise a very pleasing head. Well constructed bitch both front and back and moved well, pushed hard for top honours.
2nd Whittington’s Tighness Tip the Wink, sable and white I have done well  in the past, still retaining her quality, such a well made dog to go over, with pleasing head and expression.
3rd Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen

Special Open Bitch (Tricolour & B/W)
1st Thomas Ch. Myter Eye to Eye JW, quality tri, with such a beautiful shape, loved her head, so sweet for a tri, correct stop and lovely eye shape, excellent front, level topline and well angulated hindquarters all combined to give this bitch her effortless movement, winning best veteran bitch and RBVIS
2nd Withers Neraklee Naomi at Standydale
3rd Robinson’s Lavika Black Beauty JW


Special Open Bitch (Blue Merle)
1st Rowan’s Ch. Rowancrest Blue Champagne at Shellamoyed JW, absolutely glorious colour on this Blue Merle, just loved her head, very sweet eye and expression on this bitch, beautiful shape, really good front and correct back end, moved effortlessly, as the show went on she showed and continued to move well, could not be denied the RBCC.

Judge: Stephen Proctor





Judges Critique

It was a pleasure to be invited to Judge one of my favourite breeds at the Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club, Open Show on Saturday 21st July 2018, which was held at Millennium Centre, Lavender Close, Red Lodge, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.  Many thanks to the Committee for the invitation and to my stewards who kept everything running so smoothly.  The show was held outside and It was a very hot day and I thank the exhibitors for the entry and for excepting there placing with grace.

VD(4. 1a) Mr. & Mrs. J. Pattinson, Kyleburn Acis: A 10yr old S/W of a good type with good outline, shown in good coat.  Headed up a lovely class of veterans could have changed places on another day.  He is nicely balanced and moved out well around the ring.  Pleased to award him Best VD and BVIS.
2 Mrs. G.M. Hull, Ch. Lizmark Look This Way, JW, Sh.CM: Another super type with super outline.  13yrs of age a Dark S/W that was just showing his age on this very hot day.
3 Mrs. S.M & Mr. G.D. Saunders, Sendora Quickstep: A 9yr old Tri coloured of good type and outline, doing well in this line up.  He certainly did not look out of place.

MPD (3). 1 Mrs. L.S. French, Lindbern Light Sabre: A 7mth old S/W, what a super lad.  I loved him and could quite easily have taken him home.  He is so typey and balanced, with excellent movement for his age.  His head is well balanced with correct bite and tight lips.  Good proportions to flat skull and muzzle, dark oval eyes, good ear placements.  Good strong neck, lovely front assembly, brisket is ok for age, good back and angles to rear.  Strong straight low set hocks. Good tail with correct J. His movement for his age is outstanding, free, easy and lithe, I could have watched him all day.  Pleased to award him BPD, BD, BPIS, Res. BOB and BOS.  I will watch his future career with interest.
2. Mrs S J Robinson Alnmac Midnight Flyer: 9mth old Tri. colour that is a nice type with attractive markings and white shawl.  He is well balanced for his age, moved out nicely around the ring. Another that should have a nice future.
3 Mrs. E. Jaycock, Lavenwick Magical Mayhem: A B/M nearly 8mths of aged.  He is of a nice type with a nice outline also has a good future ahead.  Un-fortunately he was unsettled on the move, won 2nd in Special Open for B/M where he showed his movement, was more settled.  He has a wealth of coat for his age.

PD (1). 1 Mrs. S.J. Robinson, Alnmac Midnight Flyer: As 2nd MPD

JD (3). 1 Miss K.L. Durant, Shougies Winter Wizard at Neraklee: Just over 12mths this B/M is of a pleasing type with a good outline.  He has a pleasing head in profile with good ear set, pleasing front and good back with a pleasing backend. Moved out the best in this class today.
2 Mrs. J. Miles, Milesend Morello: Another S/W just over 12mths of age. Only just pipped by 1st today. There is a lot to like about this dog, good type with good outline.
3 Mrs G.M. Hull, Lizmark Melody Maker: A 17mth old Tri with a pleasing head and is of a nice type with a nice outline.  Felt his front could be better which reflected in his movement.

ND (2). 1 Mrs. S.A. Clarke, Ruscombe A Moment in Time: A 21mth old B/M that is a pleasing type with a typical outline.  He has a pleasing head and neck, front ok.  Neat back end, moved out ok.

2. Ms P Forster-Cooper Sheltysham Dotcom: A 11mth old Tri that needs time.  He is a pleasing type with a typical outline.  His eye could be better. Felt his back could be firmer, which reflected in his movement.

UGD (2). Mrs E Varnom Milesend Morning Time: 27mth old S/W of super type with a good out line.  He has a balanced head, neat front, firm back with nice rear construction. Finished with a Good J on his tail.  Moved well.
2 Ms. P. Forster-Cooper, Sheltysham Dotcom: As 2nd ND.

PGD(5,1a,). 1 Miss M.E. Hoare, Briggsview Gambling Man: A 5yr old B/M. A mature dog of good type with a good outline.  He has a balanced head and ear set.  Decent neck, neat front, firm back and neat back end.  Good coat of good colour.  Moved well.
2 Mrs. E. Varnom, Milesend Sea Captain: A 3yr old Dark S/W of good type and outline, similar features to 1st, just beaten on movement today.
3. Mr & Mrs Norman , Milesend Murray:A 3yr old S/W of smaller type than 1 and 2.  Felt his front could be better.  But he is still of a nice type with a nice out line.

LD (2). 1 Mrs. G.M. Hull, Lizmark Black Gold: A 6yr old Tri that moved a dream in this class.  He is of a smaller type and very sweet natured.  I liked his outline; his head is nicely balanced with a good ear set.  Good length of neck, neat front, good back, and well-developed rear with neat hocks. 
2 Mr. A.D. & Mrs. B.A. Norman, Milesend Murray: As 3rd PG.

OD (4). 1 Mr. & Mrs. J. Dimmock, Hillhenry Just One Look at Fernhill: A 4.5yr old B/M that is of a nice type with a nice outline.  I liked this dog he had a pleasing head and his ear carriage is ok.  Good neck and front, good brisket and bone.  Firm back and back end, and he is a super mover.  On the day his very harsh coat could have been better presented.

2 Mrs. Saunders, Chalmoor Shades of Gold at Fernfrey JW: A 5yr old S/W of pleasing type with good out line.  Pleasing head and neck.  Good front and back end.  Moved out ok.

3. Mrs Coleman-Smith Shetlo Bring Me Love to Karlaina: A 6 yr old S/W that should have won this class, unfortunately
he was moved far too fast that he was overstepping.  He is of a good type with a super outline.  Shown in great coat.  Shame as I liked him.

1 Mrs R. Fransham, Jontygray Gilt Edged for Franmead, JW., Sh.CM: A 5.5yr old of very good type with a typical out line.  He has a pleasing head, good eye and ear set.  Good neck and front, strong back and back end.  Shown in good coat.  Very settled on the move.
2 Mrs. E. Varnom, Milesend Morning Time: As 1st UG.
3 Mrs. E. Varnom, Milesend Sea Captain: As 2nd PG.

SPECIAL OPEN DOG (Tri. B. & W): (3),
1 Mrs. M.C. Withers, Standydale Shot in the Dark, JW.: A nice class that was headed up by this 3.5 yr old.  A dog which takes you eye.  He is of a super type with a super out line and is well balanced. He has a good head, ear set and nice eye. Good neck and good angles to the front and rear, deep brisket.  Strong back and good back end.  Strode out well, is a lovely mover, pleased to award him Res. Best Dog.
2 Mrs. S.M. & Mr. G.D. Saunders, Sendora Quickstep: As 1st UG.
3 Mrs. G.M. Hull, Lizmark Black Gold: As 1st L.

SPECIAL OPEN DOG (Blue Merle): (2),
1 Mrs. M.E. Hoare, Briggsview Gambling Man: As 1st PG.
2 Mrs. E. Jaycock, Levenwick Magical Mayhem: As 3rd MPD.


VB (4, 1a). 1 Mrs. L.S. French, Sonymer Snow Fall Over Lindfern: A Dark S/W nearly 9yrs of age, that is of a good type with a nice outline.  She is balanced throughout with a good head, skull and neat ear set, good length to neck with neat front and brisket.  Good back and rear plus tail set.  Well set hocks.  Good mover, well done. Won Best VB.
2 Mrs. K. Colman-Smith, Samhaven Magic Kiss at Karlaina, Sh.CM: An 8.5 S/W that is lighter in colour.  Another girl of good type with a good out line.  Shown in good coat.  Moved well, just pipped by 1st on the day.
3 Miss L. Pettitt, Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen: A 7yr old Tri of a pleasing type with a nice outline, very nice to go over.  Felt that she was just moved far too fast, that she was over stepping.  Just needs to slow down on the move.

MPB (6,2a). 1 Miss M.R. Forster Parish, Lowick Mistletoe: A 7mth old B/M that is nicely balanced for her age. She has a lovely out line and is of a good type. I liked her very sweet head and good ear set, good neck and shoulders, good brisket and angles front and rear.  Good back, neat hocks and good tail set.  She is a lovely mover.  Pleased to award her BPB and Res. BPIS.  Well done.
2 Mrs Gabrielczyk, Lalabay Fervidus (imp Pol) An 8mth old S/W that was the best mover in the class.  She is still a bit raw but should come together nicely with more time.  She is of a pleasing type.
3 Mrs. E. Jaycock, Levenwick Heavenly Angel: A 7mths old Tri that is of a nice type with a pleasing out line.  She has a lot going for her and I would like to see her in a few months when she has tightened up a little and settled on the move.

PB (1). 1 Mrs. M.A.A. Gabrielczyk, Lalabay Fervidus (Imp. Pol.): As 2nd MPB.

JB (4). 1. Mrs. Winfield, Carolelen Classic star by Oakcroft A very nice 15mth old S/W.  She has a lovely shape, sweet expression and nice head, eye and ear set.  Good neck, nice angles to front and rear.  Firm back, good tail set, and low hocks.  She was also shown in good coat and condition.  Was also awarded best S/W bitch.  Moved out well.  Well done.
2 Mr. K.G. Biswell, Goldwell Rockabye Velvet: Just over 12mths of age this S/W is of a pleasing type with a nice outline.  She just missed out on maturity.  Coat is coming through nicely.
3 Miss D. Sendall, Sendora Songbird: A 15mth old B/M that moves well.  Just to mature up a little and grow some more coat.  She is nicely balanced and is of a nice type.

NB (3, 2a). 1 Mrs. E. Jaycock, Levenwick Play the Sax: A pleasing 2yr old Tri that stood alone in this class.  She is a pleasing type that needs to settle on the move.  Will come together more with maturity.

UGB (5, 1a). 1 Mrs. R. Fransham, Shelcrest Starling: A 20mth old S/W of good type and nice outline.  She has a pleasing head and eye and nice ear set.  Fair neck, good angles to front and rear, her legs are well under her.  Good brisket, firm back.  She was shown in good coat with plenty of under coat.  She moved out well around the ring.

2 Mr. K.G. Biswell, Goldwell Velvet Spells: A S/W that was just over 12mths of age she was giving away so much to the 1st on the day. She is of a pleasing type with a sweet expression.  She also moved out nicely around the ring.
3 Miss R. Kennedy, Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley: A 5yr old B/M that looks a pleasing type.  Pity that she was a little nervous.

PGB (4). 1 Mrs. V. Winfield, Carolelen Classics Star by Oakcroft: As Jun. B.
2 Mrs. U. & Miss M.E. Briggs & Hoare, Briggsview Opalesque: A 4yr old B/M that is of a pleasing type with a pleasing outline. Front could be slightly better, unfortunately showed in her movement.  She is well off for coat.
3. Mrs. Deveson, Milesend Sea Pearl: a 2yr old Dark S/W that is of a pleasing type with a nice out line. Moved out ok. Could have a better eye.

LB (2,1a). 1 Mrs. I.V. Saunders, Chalmoor I’M A Peach at Fernfrey: A very nice dark S/W 3.5yr old that stood alone in this class.  She is a super type with a super outline.  Nice head with a lovely sweet expression, good eye and good ear set.  Good front, deep brisket and good bone.  Strong back super back end, correct angles and lovely hocks also good tail set.  Shown in good coat making her look a picture.  Went well on the move.  Please to award her Res. BB.  Well done.

OB(5). 1 Mrs. J. Miles, Amnoureye Blue Mist of Milesend: What a beautiful 2yr old B/M with a super outline and of super type.  She takes your eye as she enters the ring.  She has a superb head with a gorgeous expression, so sweet in nature.  Beautiful eyes, great ear set and lovely poise.  Good neck, super front, well laid shoulders and upper arm, correct bone, deep brisket and spring of rib. Tight feet.  Good firm back, short loin, excellent tail set.  Excellent angles to rear with low set hocks.  Shown in excellent coat of super texture with a soft under coat.  She was just so easy on the move around the ring.  I could have taken her home.  Pleased to award her BB and BIS.
2 Mrs. L.S. French, Lindfern Enchanted Sunrise: A very nice 8yr old S/W that was shown in very fine fettle.  She is a very nice type with a classic out line.  Pleasing head, good front and back and neat rear.  Shown in good coat, moved well.
3. Mrs.Hunter, Sendora Magical: A 4yr old Tri, pity she came up against the others today.  She is a good moving bitch of a nice type with a nice out line.  Pleasing head, her front and rear are ok.  Shown in nice coat.

1 Mrs. V. Winfield, Carolelen Classic Star by Oakcroft: As 1st Jun.  & 1st PGB.
2 Mrs M.F. Deveson, Milesend Sea Pearl: As 3rd PG.
3 Miss L. Pettitt, Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen: As 3rd VB.

SPECIAL OPEN BITCH (Tri. B. & W): (3 1a, )
1 Mrs. R. Fransham, Sheltysham Bedazzle at Franmead, JW: A very feminine smallish Tri of a nice type with a nice out line.  She makes a pleasing picture.  Moved ok.
2 Mrs. A. Hunter, Sendora Magical: As 3rd OB.

SPECIAL OPEN BITCH (Blue Merle): (5,, 2a),
1 Mrs. U. & Miss M.E. Briggs & Hoare, Briggsview Opalesque: As 2nd  PGB.
2 Miss. R. Kennedy. Lirren Blue Gamble at Donbeley: As 3rd UGB.
3 Miss D. Sendall, Sendora Songbird: As 3rd JB.

Judge Mr Russell Jones






Judge: Karen Durant

Thank you to the Eastern Counties Committee & my 2 stewards for a friendly show at their new venue & thank you for allowing my request to judge outside in the afternoon; fortunately the weather was kind to us.
A few observations on the dogs before me on the day.
What is happening to the long blunt wedges with slight but definite stops? Far too many short two piece heads with flared & deep-through skulls. As normal a lot of short steep upper arms which naturally showed in movement? A big variation as usual in size & lots of short tails. Lastly teeth, I was shocked on how many had dirty or missing teeth; there is no excuse for this!
Having said that I found my main winners pleasing.




    1.Saunders’ Sendora Quickstep. Tricolour in beautiful shiny black jacket. Nice size & shape, good head although a bit bold in eye & slightly more stop than I like, neat ears, good forehand & hindquarters, moved well.

    2.Rutterford’s Evad Whougonnacall At Stormhead ShCM, shaded sable in beautiful condition, nice head again a bit bold in eye & not such a good underjaw as 1st,neat well used ears, good construction, moved well.

    3.Hulls Ch.Lizmark Look This Way JW ShCM.


    1.Moore’s Sanscott Limited Edition, 7 mth pretty sable baby in beautifully presented condition. Good head topped with neat ears, lovely size with good bone, forehand construction ok although a little upright in upper arm, good turn of stifle, moved well. BPD & BOSP.

    2.Jacob’s & Johnston’s. Willowthorn Dream Gazer, 8mth flashy red sable, size larger than 1st. Lovely shaped boy with strong bone. Head handles well with neat ears, overall construction ok, moved a little erratic on the day.

    3.Forster-Cooper. Sheltysham Dotcom.


PUPPY (3,0)

    1.Pattinson’s Kyleburn Romulus, 11mth shapely tricolour, head is a little unbalanced at the moment with muzzle appearing overlong, needs to fill out & clear in stop, Nice dark eye & neat ears, enough bone, good hindquarters, front angulation ok, he is very narrow all through & lacks a lot of body, & lacking the coat of my main winners, moved well.

    2.Forster-Cooper Sheltysham Dotcom, was 3rd in previous class. Tri baby who I felt was rather small, hope he grows on. His head fits his size although would prefer better eye, neat ears, well behaved & moved ok.

    3.Heels Guxel Golden Star

JUNIOR (2,0)

    1. Clarke’s Ruscombe A Moment In Time, nice size Blue Merle with good bone, neat ears, overall good construction with lovely long tail, moved well.

    2.Hull’s Lizmark Melody Maker Tricolour who also was nice size, reasonable head but needs to fill in muzzle, nice eye, construction not as good as first, moved ok.


NOVICE (4,0)

    1.Moore’s Sanscott Limited Edition 1st in minor puppy.

    2.Taylor & Yuille’s Felthorn Petruchio At Chelmermead, sable of nice shape & size with good bone, nice type of head, ears a little light but positioned correctly, good all round angulation, well presented harsh coat, moved well.

    3.Clarke’s Ruscombe A Moment In Time, 1st in junior.


    1.Isdale’s Viewdale Cuddly Dudley JW, nicely presented compact sable in good coat, good head with parallel planes giving pleasing expression, topped with neat well used ears, perfect size, construction good all through, would prefer more length in neck, moved ok.

    2.Daniel & Taylor’s Pepperhill Cruise Control, lovely coloured blue merle, beautifully presented, good size, typical head topped with neat ears, angulation good but moved rather erratically in front, overall type won him this place.

    3.Jacob & Johnson’s Willowthorn Dream Gazer


    1.Robinson Sheltysham Nut Box In Alnmac, Shaded Sable, good size & overall Sheltie type, good head with level planes & not too deep in stop which was well defined.  Eye could be more almond shape but did not detract from expression, neat ears, good condition harsh coat, nice shape with good length of neck, nicely angulated fore & aft, which resulted in good movement, one of the best on the day, pleased to award him Best Dog & Best opposite sex.

    2.Pattinson’s Kyleburn Everlasting Dream, shaded sable not in his best attire, he won this place on overall type, nice head with neat ears, angulation ok overall, moved well.

    3.Riding’s Achors Suprise Percy Polaris for Torinska (imp Che)

LIMIT (5,0)

    1.Withers’ Stanydale Shot In The Dark JW, Tricolour in excellent condition, shapely boy with excellent angulation throughout. Masculine head with correct amount of stop & level planes, eye could be a bit sweeter, neat well used ears, moved as his construction suggests with drive once he got into his stride. RBD

    2.Forster-Cooper Sheltysham Burnished Gold, good head although bit broad in skull, nice bone for his good size, couldn’t match the construction of 1st place, although still adequate, moved well.

    3.Saunders’ Chalmoor Shades Of Gold At Fernfrey JW

OPEN  No Entries


SPECIAL OPEN Sable & White(4,1)

    1.Wood’s Torinska I Love To Boogie, good head, neat ears, good fore & aft angulation, moved ok.

    2.Heels’ Guxel Golden Star,3rd in puppy. Up to size sable, head handles well, ears nicely positioned but need tidying, overall nicely constructed, needs to mature, moved well.

    3.Perkins’ Sheltysham May Tree At Alnmac.

SPECIAL OPEN Tricolour (2,0)

    1.Saunders’ Sendora Quickstep 1st in veteran.

    2.Woolley’s Pepperhill In The Moment At Valjon, VHC in undergraduate. Nicely presented boy with reasonable head properties, nice eye, good bone, construction good, preferred the size of 1st place winner. Moved ok.

SPECIAL OPEN Blue Merle (5,1)

    1.Rutterford’s CH. Kelgrove Just Blue At Stormhead JW ShCM. Well known beautifully presented boy, Correct size & nice shape, head handles well with correct stop & level planes, very good angulation fore & aft, long tail, moved well with purpose. BVD & BVIS

    2.Daniel & Taylor’s Pepperhill In The Zone JW, better colour than 1st & presented in excellent condition, good head & nice expression, neat ears, construction good, moved well.

    3.Hoare’s Briggsview Gambling Man.



    1.Riding’s Samhaven Merrie Magic For Torinska, 9yr old golden sable, nice shape, head handles well although I would prefer a little bit more moulding to foreface, nice eye & neat ears, good front & rear angulation, good length of tail, moved with drive. BVB

    2.Peters’ Tighness Takes Two To Tango At Shelworth, nice feminine size in good condition, good head, construction throughout ok, not the elegant shape of the winner, moved well.


    1.Hateley’s Mohnesee Millybelle, 7mth very feminine sable baby, beautifully moulded head everything where it should be, almond shape dark eye giving a sweet expression, good underjaw which is sadly lacking in a lot of exhibits, nice round bone which fits her correct size perfectly, overall angulation is good, showed like a professional & was beautifully presented as always from this kennel, moved very well for a baby, pleased to award her, BPB, BPIS & RBIS.

    2.Moore’s Sanscott Sweet Edition, 7mth sable, I see litter sister to BPD, & she is just the female version of him, nice head, neat ears, again good overall construction, just a tad steep in upper arm, moved ok.

    3.Stock’s Shemist Night Mist

PUPPY (4,1)

    1.Hateley’s Mohnesee Millybelle. 1st in Minor puppy

    2.Stock’s Shemist Night Mist, 8mth tricolour, different in type to 1st, head handles well, but needs to clear in stop, nice shape although she is rather narrow all through at the moment & her construction is adequate, she was moving close both fore & aft.

    3.Kotecka Siena Fra Wanaheim

JUNIOR (7,2)

    1.Daw’s Shelridge Sancerre At Rossmere, 16mth sable, nice lean wedge head with slight but definite stop, lovely almond dark eye giving a pleasing expression & topped with well used neat ears, correct size & beautiful shape with long neck, good length of tail, excellent angulation which reflected in her movement, presented in good condition although lacking in coat on the day which cost her in the next class; really liked her a lot.

    2.Whittington’s Esterbon Three Kisses For Tighness, tricolour with good head & expression, nice shape with good construction all through, nice length of tail, moved well.

    3.Sendall’s Sendora Songbird

NOVICE (8,2)

    1.Hateley’s Mohnesee Millybelle

    2.Daw’s Shelridge Sancerre At Rossmere

    3.Moore’s Sanscott Sweet Edition


    1.Withers’ Stanydale Luck Be A Lady, my star of the day who won on overall Sheltie type, although not an over-enthusiastic showgirl she did enough to show her virtues. Beautifully angulated bitch, correct size, lovely shape with decent length of neck, good length of tail, good head with equal level planes & correct amount of stop which was well defined, dark almond eye well positioned giving typical expression, topped by neat ears.  As her construction suggests was the best mover of the day. Delighted to award her with BB & BIS

    2.Stock’s Shemist Dark Angel, tricolour which I really liked. Again a lovely size & beautiful shape, everything in the right place, nice head although stop could be a bit better defined, nice shaped dark eye giving sweet expression, topped with well used neat ears. Construction good both fore & aft which showed in good movement, nice length of tail. Unlucky to meet 1st.

    3.Whittington’s Esterbon Three Kisses for Tighness



    1.Pesonen’s Marsula Lotus Blossom (imp Aust),  glamourous well-presented shapely sable, nice head although a little broad in skull, nicely placed dark eye, good bone, nice turn of stifle, nice length of tail, overall a good honest type of bitch, just a little too much of her for me, moved ok.

    2.Briggs & Hoare’s Briggsview Opalesque, nice type blue merle, good head, would like sweeter expression, angulation ok, long tail, just carrying a little too much weight which reflected in her movement.

LIMIT (6,2)

    1.Saunders’ Chalmoor I'm a Peach at Fernfrey, nicely presented sable, nice head although stop could be a bit more defined & a little broad in skull, nice dark eye & neat ears, nice size with good bone, construction adequate, moved ok.

    2.Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen, good head with nicely placed stop, underjaw could be better, angulation ok, moved ok.

    3.Maynard’s Cassandra Your'e My Dream

OPEN (2,0)

    1.Maynard’s Carolelen Causing Dreams, dark shaded sable of lovely size, good head, bit bold in eye, good ears, nice bend of stifle, good length of tail, moved well.

    2.Walker’s Tooralie’s Indigo Violet, larger size blue merle of lovely colour with interesting markings, lovely shape & nice turn of stifle. Moved well.

SPECIAL OPEN Sable & White (6,1)

    1.Ridings Samhaven Merrie Magic for Torinska

    2.Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen

     3.Maynard’s Cassandra You're My Dream

SPECIAL OPEN Tricolour; Black & White (9,2)

    1.Stock’s Shemist Dark Angel, 2nd in undergraduate.

     2.Walker’s Tooralies Matilda, lovely size & shape, shorter type head, little flared in skull, nice eye,  good ears, construction throughout ok but couldn’t match the forehand angulation of 1st place, moved ok.

    3.Baker & Pettitt's  Myriehewe Ellie At Lakebank ShCM.

SPECIAL OPEN Blue Merle(4,2)

    1.Sendall’s Sendora Songbird, nicely coloured girl, head nice but needs to clear in stop, lovely shape, angulation good & finished with good length of tail, moved better in front than 2nd place today.

    2.Briggs & Hoare’s Briggsview Opalesque.








EASTERN COUNTIES SHETLAND SHEEPDOG CLUB Championship Show 19th November 2017



Type was varied, especially in heads, but there were not so many of the heavy ears that have become common nowadays. Upper arms have not improved particularly, so the correct ones were very welcome,
Vet D. 7. 1st. Pattinson's Kyleburn Acis, 9yrs. s/w, quality dog although he is rather reticent about showing it. Correct head with flat skull & good underjaw. Eyes dark and well placed, good ears, well made all through and moved very well. Well presented.
2nd. Diment & Williams' Ch. Peerieglen Pickwick, at 12 yrs still retains his lovely bm colour. Harsh well presented coat, good head with well set eyes & ears, nicely made, moved OK., showed well.
3rd. Gruszka's Samphrey Moonlight Shadow.
MPD 3 (1 abs). 1st Pattinson's Kyleburn Romulus 2nd. John's Milesend Night Striker With Cadlyn. These two boys were very similar, both tris, and both raw babies at 7 & 6 months, and I had to split hairs. Heads were unfinished with stops needing to clear, dark eyes, ears were tipped. 2nd. had better forehand, but 1st was more composed in movement and showing. Well presented.
PD. 3. 1st. BPD & BOSPIS. Durant's Neraklee Starblaze, quality tri, good size with good bone and well padded feet. Very good head, balanced with level planes and dark well set eyes, neat ears he used well. Good topline with arched neck, good rear angulation, good layback of shoulder but upper arm bit steep.
2nd. Hardy's Sandwick Stagelight, tri. Good outline with arched neck, rounded bone and strong feet. Shade longer cast than 1st. Head is balanced but flares a little in backskull, dark eyes and well set ears. Moved and showed well. 3rd. Hull's Lizmark Melody Maker.
JD 6 + 1 (1abs). 1st. Miles Keycharm Heaven Knows Of Milesend, light s/s. Beautiful young dog, spot on for size with good substance, strong feet, very well constructed and consequently moved very well with good extension and drive. Lovely outline, and very correct head being a blunt wedge with parallel planes, dark well set eyes and neat ears, all giving sweet expression. Confident showman, he was very close up for top honours. 2nd. S. Stagelight. 3rd. Savage's Willowthorn Kobalt Star By Savatuarus.
YD. 7 + 1 (1 abs). 1st. Robinson's Sheltysham Nut Box In Alnmac, typical s/s with lovely outline, good size with good, rounded bone and strong feet. Well constructed and moved well. Good wedge head, neat ears, dark eyes which were well set but a little round. Showed steadily. 2nd. Goodwin's Highbrook He's Got Style, Spot on for size, good substance. In good coat which was well presented, he was well made and moved accordingly. Dark eyes and good ears. I found his head rather strong in backskull. Showed steadily. 3rd. W. Kobalt Star By S.
ND. 2. 1st. S. Stagelight. 2nd. Durn's Leanai Let Me Boogie, rich s/w who at 18 months is still very immature and needs time to develop. Has a good outline, with wedge head and dark, well set eyes, good ears. A bit deep in stop and skull needs to flatten, moved OK.
GRAD d. 7 + 3 (1 abs). 1st. S. Nut Box In A, 2nd. Edwards' Castlerose Star Turn, tri, good sound, workmanlike dog, well put together and moved with drive. Good outline, masculine head, dark eyes which were a bit round, Well presented and showed well. 3rd. Chalk's Malaroc Wordsmith At Ghostland.
PGD 6.(1abs). 1st. Savage's Puncknowle Star Gazer By Savataurus, lovely colour bm good for size, good bone. OK front, good rear, moved very well and showed steadily. Head is a little deep through, blue, well set eyes, good ears he used well. Well presented.
2nd. Hoare's Briggsview Gambling Man, bm of lovely colour, balanced head with flat skull, very well constructed and moved very well. Showed steadily, not in his best jacket today. 3rd. Varnom's Milesend Sea Captain.
LD 8 + 2 (1 abs). 1st. Wither's Stanydale Shot In The Dark, very handsome dog, flowing outline, arched neck, good size, good bone, padded feet, long tail. Head is balanced with flat skull, dark, well set eyes giving sweet expression, well set and used ears. When in his stride his movement was spot on, but could be moved into his stride more slowly, as he can become untidy for a couple of paces. Nevertheless, his quality could not be ignored, RCC. 2nd. Stuckey's Carolelen Country Fair of Honeybears.,very plain s/w with little in the way of glamour, but he doesn't need it. Really good, typical head with correct ears, eyes well set but a little light and full. Good rear angulation, good layback of shoulder, upper arm a bit steep. Well handled and moved with drive, showed well. 3rd. Forster-Cooper's Sheltysham Burnished Gold.
Open D. 5 + 1. 1st. Edward's Castlerose Spiritmaster. This handsome bm dog has done so much winning with a fistful of RCCs, etc., but the big green card has always evaded him. Today was his day. He is a masculine dog without any coarseness, very well made all through and moved effortlessly with great reach and drive. Rounded bone, strong, well padded feet Good size, good tail. Head is a wedge with parallel planes, good underjaw, well set blue eyes giving a sweet, merry expression. Ears are a bit "merley" but he used them well. Coat is the correct harsh, double coat, well presented. CC & BIS. I hope the other two big green cards come his way, he is certainly deserving of them.
2nd. Stock's Ch. Shemist Black Wizard. We have had a plethora of quality tri dogs today, and he is one of the best. Masculine without coarseness, in good harsh coat, good size & substance, strong feet. Outline is good with arched neck, balanced head with dark, well set eyes and good ears. Good rear angulation, good layback of shoulder, upper arm bit steep. Moved with drive and showed well.
3rd. Goodwin's Ch. Highbrook Hot Heir.
SW OD. 2 + 3 (2abs). 1st. Fransham's Jontygray Gilt Edged For Franmead, s/s typical head, well set, dark eyes giving sweet expression, neat ears, good bone & feet. Good rear angulation, good layback of shoulder, upper arm rather steep. Well handled and presented. 2nd. Watkins Manorwood Super Tedd, s/s of good size, nice head with sweet eyes and expression, good ears, enough bone but would prefer more substance all through. Well presented and showed well. 3rd. S. May Tree In A.
Tri/BW OD. 1 + 4. 1st. Walker's Marsula Shogun tri in good, harsh coat, good size with good bone & substance. Felt his head lacked refinement, being rather short and deep through, ears well set but a bit heavy, eyes dark but bit round. Strong feet, long tail. Very happy temperament and he moved with drive. 2nd. Saunders' Sendora Quickstep, not showing his 9 yrs at all. Racy outline with good reach of neck. Head is a bit deep through, but has dark eyes, neat ears, good bone, super temperament, he moved freely with drive, and showed very well. 3rd. Woolley's Pepperhill In The Moment At Valjon.
BM OD. 1 +2. 1st. P. Stargazer At S. 2nd. Tinker's Hillhenry Winter Storm Over Riggsbeck, up to size dog of lovely bm colouring, good rear angulation, front adequate. Nice eyes giving sweet expression, good size & set ears he used well. Would like a stronger underjaw and tighter lips. Well presented. 3rd. Woodward's Sanscott Admiral Blue of Glenthistle.

Mary Bathurst (judge)




V. (8,1) 1 Peters Tighness Takes Two to Tango at Shelworth. Sable in good coat and condition, correct
head with neat well placed ears, lovely body shape moved well to cover the ground with ease. 2 Miles Ch
Milesend Most Appealing. At 11 years she is a credit to the breed super shape, lovely head supported by
a well arched neck excellent presentation, a worthy Champion. 3 Clegrams Smiddyshaw Relight My Fire
Sh Cm.
MP (4,2). 1 Winfield’s Carolelen Classic Star By Oakcroft. Very promising young lady, head handles well,
moved and presented so well. A very flashy promising young sable. 2 Tomlinsons Fenstyle Amazing Grace.
At just 6 months a promising sound young lady, time will tell well presented.
P (8,0). 1 Hateley’s Sanscott Sweet Serenity at Mohnesee. This young 10 mth sable stood out as soon as
she entered the ring. Lovely head topped with neet well placed ears, arched neck set in good shoulders,
straight front, moved the drive to cover the ground with ease. Best puppy and Res CC one I will watch in
the future. 2 Miles Eljetia Hot Chocolate of Milesend. A super young sable in excellent condition, super
head with a lovely melting expression, moved as only a well made sheltie can, one for the future I'm sure.
3 Hardy’s Sandwick Silhouette. 
J (7,2). 1 Hardy’s Sandwick Silhouette. Third in the last class where she was up against two cracking
puppies, She has a lovely head which she carries so proudly, a lovely body shape lovely flowing gate. Very
promising. 2 Whittington’s Esterbon Three Kisses For Tighness. Correct head shape nice body tone moved
well needs her coat to complete the picture. 3 Johnson, Jacob, Johnson’s. Tooralies I Spie with
Y (6,1). 1 Miles Amoureye Blue Mist Of Milesend. A quality blue that stood out on entering the ring, head
handles well, lovely eye, well filled forface correct body shape, correct angulation front and rear, correct
flowing movement. 2 Truemans Carolelen Chorus Line. Neat well placed ears gave this young lady a lovely
melting expression, move well to cover the ground with drive, well presented. 3 Johnson, Jacob, Johnson
Tooralies I Spie with Willowthorne.
N (9,3). 1 Withers Stanydale Lady Be Good. Very honest sable correct head good body shape. Very well
presented, moved with drive and extension. 2 Hardy’s Sandwick Silhouette. First in junior. 3 Winfield’s
Carolelen Classic Star By Oakcroft.
G (12,1) 1 Fransham’s Sheltysham Bedazzled at Franmead. This tri stood out on entering the ring, correct
head, eyes and ears giving a super melting expression, moved well to cover the ground with ease. 2 Hull’s
Lizmark Blue Lalique. A well made blue, sound on the move, needs her coat to complete the picture. 3
Tooralies I Spie with Willowthorn.
PG (8,0). 1 Greenhills Mohnesee Diamonds N Pearls JW. A quality blue who caught my eye as she entered
the ring. Good head neat well placed ears good bone, lovely top line, moved well and in harmony with
her handler, well presented. 2 Ridings Rannerdale Lady Estella for Torinska. Sable in good coat, balanced
head supported by a well arched neck. Moved with purpose to cover the ground with ease. 3 Briggs &
Hoare Briggsview Opalesque.
L (13,4). 1 Clegram & Berry’s Smiddyshaw I'll be There for U. At just over 2 years this quality bitch stood
out, super head and melting expression, well constructed front and rear moved with drive to cover the
ground so well. one for the future. 2 Root’s Sherolie Heavenly Charm at Carolelen. Lovely dark sable,
super head, correct eye shape, well filled fore face good bone, moved with grace, presented so well. 3
Moore’s Shetlo Love And Laughter.
O (9,1). 1 Parkes Ch Milesend Gold Token At Eljetia JW. What a super example of the breed. Head toped
with neat well placed ears, Lovely melting expression, strong supportive neck set in well laid shoulders,
strong pasterns, moved so well to cover the ground with ease, very well presented. Bitch CC and res BOB
lost out on the ref decision for BOB. 2 Hateley’s Ch Willowgarth Tangerine lace at Mohnesee JW. A very
nice example of the breed, super sheltie head toped with neat ears, classic eye shape, melting
expression, lovely body shape, moved with ease, very well presented. 3 Lycett’s Shebaville saucy secret at
Iliad JW.
SP O SABLE & WHITE (10,3) 1 Root’s Sherolie heavenly charm at Carolelen. Second in Limit. 2 Miles
Milesend Marthas star. A quality bitch, very good head qualities, correct angulation front and rear, very
well presented as always from this kennel. 3 Withers Luck be a lady.
SP O TRI, BLACK AND WHITE (11,5) 1 Thomass Ch Myter Eye to Eye. This 9 year bitch shows no sign of
her age, lovely head, supported by a strong arched neck set in correct well laid shoulders, moved well
and in harmony with her owner. A worthy Champion. 2 Gatheral’s Herds Hallucination JW. At 7 years this
sheltie still has a sparkle, moved well both coming and going, needs her full coat to complete the picture.
3 Baker & Pettits Myriehewe Ellie at Lakebank.
SP O BLUE MERLE (6,2) 1 Gruszka Samphrey Shades Of Blue ShCm. A very well presented blue, sparkling
well broken colour. Correct shoulders, lovely pasterns, well set tail moved with drive to cover the ground
so well. 2 Hounsell’s Stardust Girl at Cearthall. 3 Kennedy blue gamble at Donbeley.
Jim Peach (judge)




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