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25th March 2019 Results and photographs from Spring Open show now uploaded to site
7th March 2019 2019 AGM agenda and minutes of 2018 AGM now uploaded to site and available for download
23rd Feb 2019 Judges list has now been updated
13th Jan 2019 2019 AGM notice now uploaded to site and available for download
3rd Jan 2019 judges critique for bitches from our Nov 2018 Championship show now uploaded
26th Nov 2018 judges critique for dogs from our Nov 2018 Championship show now uploaded
23rd Nov 2018 Results and Photographs of our 2018 Championship Show now uploaded
23rd Nov 2018 New entry on puppy register
1st Aug 2018 judges critique from July 21st Open show now uploaded
28th July 2018 Photos from our 2018 Summer Open Show now uploaded.
21st July 2018 Results of our 2018 Summer Open Show now uploaded, photographs to follow
26th April 2018 Judges list has now been updated
8th April 2018 click for critique from March 25th Open show now uiploaded
29th Mar 2018 Photographs from our 2018 Spring Open Show now uploaded
25th Mar 2018 Results of our 2018 Spring Open Show now uploaded, photographs to follow
16th Jan 2018 2018 AGM notice now uploaded to site and available for download
15th Jan 2018 Schedules are now available on line with Fosse Data or by post from Mary Bathurst our secretary, for our Open Show to be held on Sunday, 25th March, Judge Karen Durant (Neraklee). This will be the first show at our new venue, The Millennium Centre at Red Lodge, Suffolk. The postcode is IP28 8TT, not IP29 as on the schedule! Entries close on line at midnight on 4th March, by post on 26th February. Also there will be no need to bring chairs as there are plenty in the hall. Regarding catering, we will have 'help yourself' tea and coffee, 50p per cup all day. We hope to have bacon rolls for sale in the hall first thing, supplied by the pub attached to the hall. Closer to the time it would be useful to know how many people wish to avail themselves of a bacon roll! Further refreshments will be available in the pub which has an extensive menu. We do hope you will all support this show at the new venue.
4th Jan 2018 Judges list has now been updated
12th Dec 2017Judges critique from 2017 Championship Show now uploaded
30 Nov 2017 Judges list has now been updated
30 Nov 2017 Results and Photographs of our 2017 Championship Show now uploaded
7th Nov2017 2017 Championship Show 19 November. The Committee is pleased to announce that the show will be held in the new Leisure Centre at Littleport, but since this is a new venue we thought it appropriate to advise attendees about parking, venue access and one or two other aspects regarding the new centre. The new Leisure Centre is accessed in the same way off Camel Road, Littleport, CB6 1EW, but it is positioned about 100m to the rear of the old facility (which is currently being demolished). The official car park remains as previously adjacent to the old building, although there are some Blue Badge parking bays closer to the new centre. Whilst there appears to be room to park some vehicles closer we have presently been advised that this is not permitted, but that this space can at weekends be used for drop off/collection purposes only. We will be grateful for exhibitors' co-operation, after using the drop-off facility that they return their vehicle(s) to the official car park. Parking should be a one-time inconvenience as the new car park to be built on the area of the old hall will be available next year. We shall continue to liaise with Littleport Leisure Centre staff and will issue further updates if appropriate. Access to the Show Hall for dogs, cages and trollies etc. is only to be made around the right hand corner of the new building (not though the main entrance) and then into the hall via the third door on the left. Dogs are not permitted in any other part of the Littleport Leisure Centre. The new hall is smaller than the old hall, meaning space is likely to be tight, but it is brighter and seems to be warmer. Rubber matting strips will be used in the rings - they will be taped to each other where they overlap but not taped to the floor, and so extra care is advised when walking in and around the rings. The centre has yet to replace the chairs that were stolen from the old hall and as numbers are limited please bring you own chairs if possible. As stated on the schedule, doors open at 8.30am. Bitch judging will commence at 9.30am followed by Dogs at 10am. Refreshments are again available from Littleport Leisure Centre - they are offering a similar sort of menu (but no carvery) and the bar/cafe/eating area is on the ground floor directly opposite the show hall. Toilet facilities are also on the ground floor between the main entrance and the show hall. We hope you enjoy the show and do please support our raffle.
29 Sep 2017 We are considering putting on 3 Special Classes (as suggested by the Kennel Club) during lunchtime at our Championship Show 2018 (next year). These classes will be judged by a novice judge wishing to gain experience. If you would like to be considered for this appointment please apply with your details to Secretary, Mary Bathurst, e-mail
16 Aug 2017 Judges report added to 2017 Summer Open Show results page
07 Aug 2017 Results and Photographs of our 2017 Summer Open Show now uploaded
15 May 2017 Schedules for the 2017 Spring Show have now been posted out to members. Schedules are available from the Secretary and can also be downloaded fromFossedata
25 Jan 2017 Schedules for the 2017 Spring Show have now been posted out to members. Schedules can also be downloaded from Fossedata. In addition to the usual Littleport Leisure Centre catering menu there will be a Carvery available at lunchtime on Sunday 26 March, however advanced booking with the centre is required - please call 01353 860600 to book your Carvery. Please also be aware that Construction work continues in the car park area but again alternative parking space will be available.
09/11/2016 Please be aware that new construction works have begun at the Littleport Leisure Centre which is currently affecting a portion of the car park. The centre has advised that alternative parking areas are available and there will be appropriate signage directing traffic to these areas. The interior of the centre is not affected and all the usual facilities (catering and toilets) should be available as normal. And a couple of gentle requests from the Committee: a. All dog cages should be clearly marked with the owners name(s) and their dogs exhibit numbers, and b. No dog under the age of 4 months (on 20 Nov 16) may be brought into the show. Should anyone wish to bring an eligible (Shetland Sheepdogs only) dog or puppy that has not been formally entered as NFC they must register them with the Secretary as spectator dogs, (and pay the appropriate fee (£1 per dog)).  
  STOP PRESS - Owing to theft from the Littleport Leisure Centre the number of chairs is now extremely limited and the majority of those remaining will be required as ring boundaries - therefore you are kindly requested to bring your own chairs to all future shows.
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