ESSC Breed Appreciation Day October 23rd 2022


Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog CLUB are pleased to announce that we will be holding a Breed Appreciation Day with Multiple Choice Exam held in line with the Judges Education Programme, on October 13th 2022 at the Red Lodge Millenium Centre Lavender Close, Red Lodge,

Bury St Edmunds

IP28 8TT

This will comprise of a breed talk aiming to provide or reinforce the basic knowledge to establish a Candidate's/Level 1 Judge’s understanding and appreciation of the breed, to take a subsequent Multiple Choice Breed Standard Exam (dependent on eligibility – see below*).


Attending the Breed Appreciation Day and passing the Multiple-Choice Breed Standard Exam Forms part of the criteria that will enable the candidate to attain Level 2 Status.


Subjects covered will include a brief history of the breed, function of the breed and its correlation to its conformation and movement and elaboration on breed specifics. All elements of the standard will be covered, and there will be live exhibits to show movement and finer points of the Breed with dogs available to go over. The presentation of the Breed Standard (BAD) is open to all.

*For those wishing to sit the Multiple-Choice Exam (MCE) the following must be completed prior to the day:


Candidates must either be already approved to award CCs in a breed or will have to have fulfilled the entry level criteria (JEP Level 1) which includes the following:


1)  Have a proven interest of a minimum of 5 years in one or more aspects of the breeding and exhibiting of pedigree dogs (including show administration/stewarding)

2)  Undertaken 2 full days of Stewarding appointments

3)  Attended a KC Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (RDSJ) Seminar

4)  Attended a Kennel Club Conformation and Movement Seminar


There will also be a Hands-On A2 assessment which will consist of a judging assessment (limited to 10 candidates), who will be required to be on a B List for Shetland Sheepdogs. The Assessment is for those aiming for the current A2/A3 List or Grandfather Rights before completion of the transition period within the current system (31/12/25). Candidates will go over 5 dogs, watch them move, place the dogs, and make notes. Candidates may be required to discuss their placings with the Assessment panel in private if it is felt further clarification is needed.


Certificates will be given out on the day.

The Breed Appreciation Day will commence at 9.30 am sharp, followed by the Multiple-Choice Exam for those eligible.

The Hands-on Assessments will take place after lunch.

Light refreshments and a light lunch will be provided for those who wish to stay.


For Application form please click here


Any further questions please email the club secretary – Mrs M Gladding at






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